The Fall
Francisco de Goya Y Lucientes

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A woman has fallen from her horse a man holds her in his arms the horse is still on the ground and there are other donkeys men and women surrounding her she is either unconscious or dead. The lady who is on the donkeys back sidesaddle at the back of the people is holding her arms up possibly in horror while the woman closer to the viewer is holding a hankerchief to her face as though she is crying, the donkey though looks as though it is postively enjoying the proceedings with a laugh and open mouth. The trees and ountains tower over the scene as though although the landscape is picturesque there is danger for the unwary. In fact looking at the paintings composition it can be seen that Goya has deliberatly drawn attention to the people on the ground by placing them at the point of a triangle made by the looming tree and the bushes in the foreground and the path in front of the mountains making up the third side.