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The Spiritual Art Portal This site carries all kinds of Spiritual art from Christian to mythology. It also includes the Holy Bible through art.
Jacques-Laurent Agasse Biography
Jacques-Laurent Agasse Agasse painted mainly animals specially horses. He painted in the realism style and lived between 1767-1849 65 images
Alessandro Algardi Biography
Alessandro Algardi A sculptor who sculpted nummerous subjects including saints and mythology. 22 images
Fra Angelico biography
Fra Angelico images Early Renaissance paintings painted mainly saints and scenes from the bible worlked extensively with frescos 151 images
Giovanni Bellini biography
Giovanni Bellini Painted mainly religious subjects, he is well known for his numerous images of the Madonna and Child. His works are Early Renaissance. 86 images
Casper David Friedrich biography
Casper David Friedrich
Romantic painter who painted scenes that had lots of symbolic meaning to them 55 images

Jan Vermeer
Jan Vermeer painted mainly interior scenes of everyday life, for example, the milkmaid. Was well known for his portrayal of light and shade. 37 images
Movements in art
Early Renaissance art mainly religious art includes artists such as Fra Angelico
Flemish Renaissance art
Painters who resided in the flemish regions at the time of the Renaissance
Mannerist art Images of people with elongated limbs and necks.  Painters placed emphasis on things they considered important
Baroque Art decorative paintings and sculpture
Realism Painters trying to paint as close as possible to real life
Romantic Art the artist often tells a story in the image Casper David Friedrich is one example of a Romantic artist
Objet d'art
Prints and etchings
Topics - if you can remember something about the painting for example that it is a landscape you will find it here under landscapes.
Allegory Paintings that tell a story
Architecture and buildings
Arms and armour paintings that show people dressed in armour or with weapons
Costume and fabric Paintings that depict the clothing of people as emphasis
Daily life Paintings that depict people going about their daily life
Devils and demons
Floral and flowers
Furnishings Paintings where there are items of furniture placed in the image
Historical Paintings of real events - though not necessarily paintes at the time of the event
Household items Kitchen utensils, appliances, jugs, glasses etc
Leisure Activites things people do in their spare time
Morality in art paintings that have a moral behind them often hidden, for example vanitas paintings
Music Musical instruments
Mythology Gods and Goddesses
The Nude
Occupations, Jobs People in the workplace
Portraits paintings of named people painted mostly from life, does not include saints
Religion and spirituality
Rivers and streams
Royalty images of Kings Queens Princes and Princesses
Sea and seascapes
Shipping and boats
Still life all kinds of still life including floral and animals
Tombs and monuments Images of graves and death scenes
War and warfare
Witches and wizards
Reference section
Art Galleries
Internet on art
Books on art