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Agasse was born in Geneva in 1767, the son of the governing family. He was brought up in Crevin here he developed a love of horses and other animals, sketching and drawing them. Once he came of age He decided to enroll in the Ecole du Calabri to learn better the anatomy of animals in particular horses and dogs, then later studied under Jacques-Louis David in Paris.
In 1802 after briefly returning to Geneva he moved to England where he remained until his death in 1849. Due to his skill at painting horses and other animals he was often compared to Stubbs, and indeed, was often referred to as the Swiss Stubbs. The sad thing about this artist is that despite his fine work he has been largely forgotten in the art world and not a lot is known about his art or his life.  Many of his works have no date to associate with them and are therefore under 19th century undated as most of his work seems to be from the 19th century

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