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The very first of its kind art history site that offers multiple ways to find a picture that you require. Have you ever remembered that a picture has a particular theme to it or known the title and not the artist? then this is the site for you.
Taking in all ranges of genres and topics as well as listing by media and centuries you can browse the website to find what you are looking for, this last is perfect for those who have disabled javascript on their browsers. Alternatively parts of the site use java to enhance the users experience of the site.
On the left hand side are the catagories under which the works of art are listed and on the right hand side are the credits for image use as well as other external links.
How to use the site
For example if you want to find mary Magdalene by Alessandro Algardi it would be under any one of the main catagories then under specific subcatagories below the main catagory
So for, example, if you knew the fact that the mary Magdalene was a sculpture you could click on objet d'art then sculptures and finally either algardi or the letter M. If you did not know Mary Magdalene was a sculpture you could also click on the artist or movement index as well as the topics and centuries index and use these in the same way as the objet'd art
You will find that the works of art images are clickable and will take you to the relevant painting on the next page.

If you see an icon like this it means there is more information on the image page. All text in this case copyright the webmistress unless otherwise stated.


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