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A unique art portal site that offers multiple ways to find a piece of art. Have you ever remembered that a picture has a particular theme to it or known the title and not the artist? then this is the site for you. Each part of the site has its own index page and explains how to use it. You can get to most parts of the site from any page so that if you want to explore a theme further you can.

How to use the site
There are several catagories under which various types of art are covered and there is also a reference section that suggests books for reading as well as how to reference works and art galleries that carry the art.

Fine Arts paintings, Sculpture, altar pieces etc.
Architecture has various catagories including modern, houses, religious buildings, art galleries.
Performing arts includes music, theatre, film and literature.
Decorative arts includes items made of glass, metal, wood and ceramics, for example, vases and furniture.
Costume and fabric includes national costume, fashion, tapestries embroidry.
Reference Areaincludes, recommended books, art galleries, internet on art.
copyright statement Please read this if you wish to use any of the site content including images.

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