GIOTTO di Bondone

Scenes from the Life of Joachim 1304-06
Rejection of Joachim's Sacrifice
Joachim among the Shepherds
Annunciation to St Anne
Joachim's Sacrificial Offering
1. Rejection of Joachim's Sacrifice

2. Joachim among the Shepherds

3. Annunciation to St Anne

4. Joachim's Sacrificial Offering

Joachim's Sacrificial Offering
Meeting at the Golden Gate

5. Joachim's Sacrificial Offering

6. Meeting at the Golden Gate

Scenes from the Life of The Virgin 1304-06
The Birth of the Virgin
Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
The Bringing of the Rods to the Temple
The Suitors Praying
1. The Birth of the Virgin

2. Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

3. The Bringing of the Rods to the Temple

4.The Suitors Praying

Marriage of the Virgin
wedding procession
god sends gabriel to the virgin
the angel gabriel sent by god
5. Marriage of the Virgin

6. Wedding Procession

God Sends Gabriel to the Virgin

The Angel Gabriel Sent by God

the virgin recieving the message
the visitation

The Virgin Receiving the Message

7. Visitation

Scenes from the Life of Christ 1304-06
nativity birth of jesus
adoration of the magi
presentation of christ at the temple
flight into egypt
1. Nativity: Birth of Jesus

2. Adoration of the Magi

3. Presentation of Christ at the Temple

4. Flight into Egypt

massacre of the innocents
christ among the doctors
baptism of christ
marriage at cana
5. Massacre of the Innocents

6. Christ among the Doctors

7. Baptism of Christ

8. Marriage at Cana

raising of lazarus
entry into jerusalem
expulsion of the money changers from the temple
judas betrayal
9. Raising of Lazarus

10. Entry into Jerusalem

11. Expulsion of the Money-changers from the Temple

12. Judas' Betrayal

last supper
washing of feet
the arrest of christ kiss of judas
christ before caiaphas
13. Last Supper

14. Washing of Feet

15. The Arrest of Christ (Kiss of Judas)

16. Christ before Caiaphas

road ot calvary
lamentation the mourning of christ
17. Flagellation

18. Road to Calvary

19. Crucifixion

20. Lamentation (The Mourning of Christ)


21. Resurrection (Noli me tangere)

22. Ascension

23. Pentecost

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